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Dyeing 103 – The Color Wheel(s)

Last Friday, I had the house all to myself for the entire day. This meant play day, all day long for me. I decided that it would be a great day to dye fabric. A few months ago, I signed up for another of Candy’s online fabric dyeing classes.  This one is  Dyeing 103: Multi-Colored …

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Dyeing to Quilt

You may have noticed that my last several posts have been about using some of my hand dyed fabrics. Well, using these fabrics has inspired me to dye even more fabric! Some of this inspiration came from the need for a backing for my Hand Dyed Scrappy Trip Around the World quilt. For his backing, …

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Dyeing 101 ~ Controlling Color

Over a year ago, I signed up for an online class with Candy Glendening, of   Dyeing 101-Controlling Color  is a Low Water Immersion Fabric Dyeing Class  . The class is broken down into several sessions of excellent, written and video instruction, followed by a section for Q&A. There is a lot of information …

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A Project Using My Hand Dyed Samples

I wanted to do a small project with my new hand dyed fabric samples. I remembered seeing a photo of a quilt a while back on Flickr that I wanted to use as my inspiration. Once I located that photo again, I realized that I definitely could do a similar version of this on a …

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Cerulean Blue Dyed T-Shirt

Cerulean Blue Dyed T-Shirt, a photo by StitchedByMe on Flickr. This started out as a Hanes Ladies white 100% cotton V-neck T-shirt. It was dyed with 2 shades of cerulean blue fiber reactive dye. This went through two dyeing sessions. The first time, I used an accordian fold, then twisted the shirt before applying the …

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Hand Dyed Tank Top

Hand Dyed Tank Top ~ Done, a photo by StitchedByMe on Flickr. This started out as a well worn white top that had seen better days. After soaking in a soda ash solution, I wrapped it around a pole and scrunched it a little before applying Fuschia and Turquoise fiber reactive dye. I am happy …

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Trying My Hand at Fabric Dyeing

I have become very interested in fabric dying. I guess it is probably because of all of the beautiful hand dyed fabrics I keep seeing, and some of the beautifully dyed t-shirts that I see on Flickr. This one shirt in particular, by dyedianadye, was one of the photo inspirations for me to take the …

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