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Only 2 More Days…..

Less than 2 days (this coming Sunday afternoon) and I finally get to see my finished Round Robin quilt top.

January 18th was the last time that I saw it.

At that time it was just the center that you see in the photo below (top left) and described in this post.

Center Blocks for Round Robin that I am Participating In.

Since then, according to the guidelines that we were to follow:

Round 1. Sharon added a 3″ border that was to include triangles.

Round 2. Lindsay added setting triangles that put the center block and border on point and included embellishment of her choice.

Round 3. Cheryl added a 4″ border that was to include rectangles.  And now…

Round 4.Tammy has it and gets to add the final border which really has no current guideline.

I have no idea what the borders look like that these ladies have chosen to add for their round.

I do hear that it looks pretty awesome, though.

I do know what all of their quilt tops look like, and they are definitely amazing.

Well, it is a very good thing that I did not post any updated photos of the quilt tops that I have worked on in this Round Robin.

I just learned from participant Cheryl that she ran across my blog tonight.

Sorry, Cheryl.  You have to wait until Sunday, too!

1 Comment

  1. Cheryl

    Darn … Well It’s been since January so I guess I can wait until tomorrow.
    Ps thanx for your help.

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