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My New Tote Bag

Several years ago, I got a basic tote with Dental Lab advertising on it at the Dental Convention.  
It is sturdy, just the right size and easy to tote along with me, but in no way is it attractive.

I have been planning on making a pretty tote forever!

Well, I finally did it.

My new Dream Machine has some fun Disney Characters in a very large format.

I decided to stitch Minnie on a 20″ square of fabric, hoping that this might be the beginning of my new tote.

Here is her progress, beginning to end:

Let the Embroidery Begin!
A blank slate. Let the quilting begin!

Her shoes are first to stitch.

Then her cute little legs.

Gotta love that red polka dotted dress.

And a matching bow.

There are her ears!

Finished Embroidering
Finished Embroidering!
Isn’t she cute?

My New Tote Bag
She is perfect on my new bag.
Now I just need to make some coordinating zip pouches to keep things organized inside.

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