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I Wish I Could Share What I Am Working On!

I really want to share pictures of what I am working on, but I can’t.

I am participating in a Round Robin with 5 other quilters.

We are each not allowed to see the progress on our own quilt top until “The Big Reveal”, which will be in about 2 months. So I can not share photos of the progress in case one of the participants looks here or on Flickr.

I can, however, show what our blocks started out like.

Center Blocks for Round Robin that I am Participating In.

Mine is the top left.  

So far I have worked on the one on the right in the center row, with the Mariner’s Compass,  and the bottom left, with the blue St. Nick.

Two rounds done.  We will do 2 more rounds and then finally get to see our own again.

As of today, I now have the top right block, with the pointy squares.

We had show and tell today and they are progressing amazingly!

As we do Show and Tell, the maker of the center block must leave the room while the rest of us oohhh and aahhh over the beauty that is presented.

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