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Three Birds – One Stone

My week off of work is flying by!

Today I am taking care of 3 birds with just one stone.

Bird #1 – The Baseboards:

Working on new baseboards and catching up on some Craftsy classes.

I have not made near as much progress on the baseboard install process as I had hoped that I would, but I am making some progress.

We have the rounded “bullnose” corners through out the house.  The old baseboards had rounded corner pieces as connectors.

 New round ones were going to cost about $3.50 each and I need 27.  Ouch!

Bullnose corner connectors for new baseboards

I decided to try to cut beveled corners instead.

Instead of purchasing rounded connectors, I am cutting angles for the bull nose corners.

I am VERY happy with this alternative.

Once the joints are caulked and painted, they will look great!

 The boards are cut,  painted and ready to install in the hall bathroom, one of the hallways, and the kitchen/family room.

Time to put the nail gun into action!

I still have the other hall way, the entry and the laundry room to start on.

The living/dining room and master bedroom will be the very last areas since they still have the old baseboards in place.  We left the carpet in these areas.

** ** **

Bird #2 – Learning, learning, learning:

Working on new baseboards and catching up on some Craftsy classes.

My entertainment, while working on the baseboards, is “watching” several Craftsy classes.

Mostly, I am leaning by listening, but I do stop frequently when I hear something that I am not so familiar with or have been wondering about and will watch with my eyes.

I also watch when I need to sit and take a break.

** ** **

Bird #3 – Trying to win some more Craftsy classes:


On July 1st, I got an e-mail from Craftsy announcing their  “Watch and Win” contest.

Who ever watches the most minutes of Craftsy classes during the month of July will win some free classes.

Since I am off this week and I need the entertainment, I am racking up the minutes while I can.

** ** **

Not another bird, but an update on my Big Star Quilt:

Making progress on the Big Star quilt.


I pieced the other 13  blocks for the Big Star quilt that I am working on.

(I need a bigger design floor!)

I need to arrange the layout so that the blocks with the darker star points are scattered more evenly through out.

I also need to “snowball” the corners of each block before joining them with sashing strips and corner stones.

This won’t be finished before I go back to work, but I am happy with what I have accomplished so far.

I still have 4 more days, but tomorrow is a play day.  I get to go hang out with my sewing friends.

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