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Making Progress on a UFO- The Big Star Quilt

I enjoy watching the video tutorials by Missouri Star Quilt Company.
I came across this one a while back and decided that I was going to make it – King Size.

Well, I gathered my fabrics and got started.

I made 3 of 12 blocks before this became a UFO.

I managed to get 3 blocks assembled before this project went into a project box and was put into the closet and became a UFO for several months.


I have the entire week of 4th of July off from work and I would love to finish this quilt top and get it quilted.

That’s a full 10 days off, but I also have many other distractions, including painting walls and installing baseboards in several areas of the house.  This is stuff I NEED to do.

This quilt is something that I really WANT to do.


I pulled out the project box a couple of days ago and have made good progress.

Ready to cut into HST's.
I sewed around the edges of the remaining block sets.

Cut and grouped for assembly.

Then they were then cut from corner to corner in both directions, grouped together and are ready to press open.

HST's are pressed open. Time to assemble some blocks.

HST’s are pressed open. Time to assemble some blocks.

Now I just need to spend some time with a movie and my sewing machine.

The blocks are big, at around 24″,I hope 12 blocks, along with sashing, will be enough.  I will figure that out later.

(I am pretty positive that I am going to need to add 4 more blocks to make it the right size.)

  I really hope that I can stay focused on the project enough to get it done this week.

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  1. The decision between wants and needs…..can be such a hard one at times!

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