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FNSI: My Project

It has been forever. since I was able to participate in Friday Nigh Sew In.  Last night I FINALLY got to participate again.

My FNSI was actually Friday Afternoon Sew In.

Piecing in Progress

A while back, I pieced a floor quilt/mat for my dog.

It has been patiently waiting to be quilted and finished up.

Quilted & Trimmed.  Ready to finish.

Well, thanks to FNSI, I had a motivator to make progress. I only got so far as quilting it, but any progress is progress, right?

  I knew I wanted a paws design scattered over the surface.

Quilt design prepared for marking quilt.

In the center of a sheet of printer paper, I drew a design that looked to me like a dog paw.

 I then unthreaded the needle on my Tiara so that I could stitch through the design, leaving a pattern that could be transferred with a pounce pad.

As the needle punches through the paper, the back side of the paper has more texture than the front side.  I like the texture to face up when using the pounce pad.




I just randomly rotated the design over the surface.


The powder left a nice image for me to just trace over with quilting.  Each paw was connected with a loopy travel stitch.

Quilted & Trimmed.  Ready to finish.

It is quilted and trimmed, but not yet finished.

My plan is to make a pillow case type of back, with an opening, so that I have the option of inserting a thin pillow or cushion.

The edges will be finished with binding, so that it can be used as a “floor quilt” if I decide against any additional insert.

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  1. Lucky pup getting such a gorgeous custom made mat. Love your quilt design. You had a very productive FNSI….. Have fun…xx

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