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An Update to My First Share

The Craftsy link, for the embroidery files that I blogged about yesterday, is now live.

14.  05.04

I did update yesterdays post with the link.

To save you from having to go look for it, here it is.

12. IMG_7186

The cut file (.fcm) for the Brother Scan N Cut can be downloaded here.

My original intention was that I wanted to make a small, simple  embroidery design for those that wished to try  “In the Hoop Applique”  on their embroidery machines while also utilizing their Brother Scan N Cut machines.

At that time, my focus was on getting the cut file and the embroidery file to work with each other, and then I needed to figure out a way to easily share them.

Once the files were finally out there being shared, I got several requests from those that do not have the Scan N Cut, but do want to stitch the embroidery design.

Here is how I would recommend doing so.

  1. After hooping the main fabric, stitch Color Stop One (thread color #1).
  2. Lay the piece of applique fabric (with NO fusible applied) so that it generously covers the placement lines.  I like to put a light coat of glue stick within the perimeter of the placement line before placing the applique fabric.
  3. Re-stitch Color Stop One (thread color #1)    (This would normally be incorporated into the digitized design as it’s own color stop)
  4. Remove the hoop from the machine, but do NOT remove the fabric from the hoop.
  5. Carefully trim the excess fabric, outside of the placement line, close to the stitches.
  6. Return the hoop to the machine and continue on, starting with Color Stop 2 (thread color #1)
  7. Stitch Color Stop 3 (thread color #1)
  8. Stitch Color Stop 4 (thread color #2)

I hope that this information is helpful in encouraging you to try In the Hoop Applique.

My (still unquilted) Go! Be Dazzled quilt has LOTS of In the Hoop Applique.

2013.10.04 Top is Almost Done


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