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Brother Scan N Cut ~ My First Share

I got my Brother Scan N Cut back in January.
My main motivation for buying it was for cutting applique shapes for machine embroidery.
Yesterday, on the Scan N Cut N INSPIRE Facebook group, one of the discussions was about this very topic.
Several members commented that they have both, an embroidery machine and the Scan N Cut, and wanted to try a project that used both.


I have learned so much from this group and decided to digitize a small embroidery design, as well as the cut file to share.
This will fit within the 4×4 hoop.
(I still consider myself a novice when it comes to digitizing.)

It took me a bit of time to produce the cut file, but I learned a few things along the way.

For my final revision/stitch out, I used 2 of my hand dyed fabrics. The pink one is backed with a fusible web, the backing was removed.

3. IMG_7164

Once the blue fabric and stabilizer were hooped, color stop 1 was stitched. This is the placement line for the applique.

4. IMG_7165

The pink fabric was adhered to the sticky cutting mat and the mat was scanned.

5. IMG_7166

Once the mat was scanned, I was able to move the cut file to the same spot on the screen that the fabric was.

6. IMG_7167

It only took seconds for the machine to cut the applique piece.

7. IMG_7169

The applique was placed within the placement line and fused into place with an iron. This Hobbico iron is the perfect size for my 4×4 hoop.

8. IMG_7174

A perfect fit!

9. IMG_7176

Color stop 2 just catches and tacks the edges.

10. IMG_7179

Color Stop 3 is the main part of the embroidery. A rope border design makes a pretty edge.

11. IMG_7183

You could stop at this point and call it done. I think it looks pretty just like this.

12. IMG_7186

Or, you could stitch Color Stop 4, which is the accent to the rope design.

I used a grey for this, but afterward thought another pink might also have been a good choice.

13. IMG_7187b

If you are interested in stitching this design yourself, I have converted it to those formats listed below.

14.  05.04

I DO NOT have the ability to convert to Bernina format.

I have uploaded the embroidery files as a free download at Craftsy.

  The cut file for the Brother Scan N Cut, can be downloaded here (I hope, anyway):


  1. Diane Rincon

    I saw this demoed at a retreat last January, and remain very curious. Your project turned out very, very well!

  2. Diane Rincon

    What do you use to digitize your machine embroidery design? I’ve only a basic ME machine and would probably not use it with the fusible appliques from Scan N Cut. I’m still debating how much I would use it. Btw your hand dyed fabric works very well here.

  3. Diane,
    I use Embird Studio to digitize.
    I wanted to make something for those that wished to try applique utilizing their Scan N Cut machines with their embroidery machines. I was having a few “issues” along the way and did not even think about providing alternate cutting instructions.
    You could still embroider the design this way:
    A – Stitch Color Stop One.
    B – Just lay a piece of applique fabric (NOT fusible) so that it generously covers the placement lines. I like to put a light coat of glue stick within the perimeter of the placement line before placing the applique fabric.
    C – Re-stitch Color Stop One.
    D – Remove the hoop from the machine, but do not remove the fabric from the hoop.
    E – Carefully trim the excess fabric close to the stitches
    F – Return the hoop to the machine and continue on, starting with Color Stop 2.
    I hope this helps.

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