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Butterfly Baby Quilt

One of the ladies that I work with is going to be a 1st time Grandmother this Easter week-end.

About a month ago, I made the baby (grandma) a quilt.

Butterfly Baby Quilt Finished

I decided on a square in a square layout because it would be quick, easy and pretty besides.

Plus it only required 2 different fabrics.

It was quilted with a light pink, 40wt polyester embroidery thread, top and bobbin.

Butterfly Baby Quilt Finished

The butterfly embroidery design  is from Embroidery Library.

The embroidered blocks were quilted in the background with a flowing swirly feathery design.

Butterfly Baby Quilt Finished

Butterfly Baby Quilt Finished

I filled all of the non-embroidered areas with small feathers that meet in a wreath kind of pattern through out the quilt.

I LOVE the dense quilting on this quilt.

Butterfly Baby Quilt Finished

A view of the back side.

I had a REALLY hard time letting this one go.

I kept telling myself that it was not just a gift, but a learning project, too, and that I will be making plenty more in the future.


  1. Robin

    I was wondering if you sale your quilts? And how much this on would be in a full/queen?? Thank you. Robin. Please let me know.

  2. I’m sorry, but at this point in my life, I just am not able to commit time to making quilts to sell, especially larger ones. I appreciate you asking, though.

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