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Dyeing to Quilt

You may have noticed that my last several posts have been about using some of my hand dyed fabrics.

Well, using these fabrics has inspired me to dye even more fabric! Some of this inspiration came from the need for a backing for my Hand Dyed Scrappy Trip Around the World quilt.

For his backing, I thought I would get creative and try a traditional tie dye swirl.

I have a bolt of 120″ wide Premium Muslin. I cut a 2 yard length, plenty enough to back, border and bind this quilt. (The actual border shown on the quilt was made from a different piece.)


I soaked and swirled this huge piece of fabric and then just covered it with several different colors of dye powder.

I didn’t get this wound quite right, so it affected how the dye dispersed, specifically in the center. I tied it but really didn’t need to since it fits snugly in the container. I threw some extra cotton yarn on top just to see how it would dye.

My inspiration came from a piece by Sondra Millard Mojoquiltdesigns, someone that I follow closely on Facebook because she produces such beautiful had dyed pieces.


This is how the dye powder looked after it was applied. It was then covered with ice, which was allowed to melt the dye powder through the fabric.

This is my first time putting the ice on top of the dye. I usually sprinkle the dye powder on top of the ice.

This is it! It is BIG. 120″ wide x 72″ tall.

When I saw how this turned out, I knew that it was not going to be the backing for any quilt, it needed to be it’s own quilt top, so now I needed to dye 2 quilt backs.

This will be the backing for the spiral dye, the backing for “scrappy” is very similar.

120″ wide! That’s 10 feet!

That is pretty wide. Wider that I really wanted it to be, but I hated to cut any of it away.

I needed to make a decision.  Should I have the swirl off center?  Or should I keep it centered?

I decided to keep the swirl in the center.

The backing piece is plenty big enough to back and bind it.  There might even be enough for left overs.

I haven’t decided if I want a border or not. Hmmm.

These are the end pieces that were cut off.

That is a closet door to the right to give an idea of the size of these “left overs”.

Now I need to decide what I want to do with these.

Maybe pillow cases to go with the Swirl Quilt?  Table runners?  Wall Art?

So many choices to make.


I have just a few more dyed pieces to share today:

#1 of 3 pieces that were Ice Dyed side by side by side in the same container.

I used a piece of this as the backing for my Lone Star Wall Quilt.


#2 of 3 pieces that were Ice Dyed side by side by side in the same container.

At the moment, this piece is uncut.


#3 of 3 pieces that were Ice Dyed side by side by side in the same container.

I used part of this piece in my Lone Star Wall Quilt.

1 Comment

  1. kelly o!

    That giant swirl is *amazing*! All the hand dyes are absolutely beautiful!

    I have done ice dyeing before, but only with the dye on top of the ice. Now I’ll have to try your way. Oh darn. Another project I have to do. 😉

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