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Cutting Into My Hand Dyes

Over the past couple of years, I have been playing, off and on, with hand dyeing fabrics. I am still experimenting with the dye process, so I want to keep my fabric costs down a bit without risking the quality of the end product.

At the moment, I am using 120″ wide Premium Muslin. I buy it when I can get it for half price or less. For my purposes, the Premium Muslin is actually pretty nice to work with.

Through my experimentations, I have accumulated a nice stash of a variety of dyed fabrics ranging from Cheap Muslin, to Premium Muslin, to Kona and many other weights and qualities in between. Some are dyed using Low Water Immersion (LWI) technique and others are dyed by Ice Dyeing.

I have decided that it is finally time to start making use of these hand dyes.

I settled on making a Scrappy Trip Around the World quilt. I guess the layout that I am using is actually called Many Trips Around the World. I found the free pattern on Bonnie Hunter’s blog.

I began by cutting most of the fabrics into 2.5″ strips. It was fun to see how the fabrics looked different once they were cut.

I grouped the strips into sets of 6. Each set has at least 1 darkest strip that will run through the center of the block, from corner to corner.

Twelve of the strip sets seamed together.

The strips were then folded end to end, and the ends stitched closed.

Next, they were sub cut into 2.5″ wide strip sets.

Don’t they look pretty?

The six identical strips, from one set, were laid out side by side and then the colors were rotated so that the second color in the first strip becomes the top color in the second strip.

This is repeated for all six strips so that all 6 colors end up as a top color.

The very top seam of the rotated strips is unstitched to reveal the complete rotation of colors.

This is where I re-pressed the seam allowances to be sure they were lying flat.

I turned them all over, right sides up, so that they would be just as the finished block would be looking from the right side.

This made it easier for me to keep everything in order as I was stitching them together.

I worked from left to right, keeping the strip on the left face up and flipping the strip to the right, so that the strips are right sides together, lining up horizontal seam lines, and stitch down the right side.

Continue joining strips until all 6 strips form the complete block.

One block finished, 19 more to go.


  1. You Go Girl! I stare at my hand dyes and can not muster up the nerve to cut them. I think my problem is I do not have nearly as many as you. Your pieces are Fabulous! It is going to be beautiful So with that said I need to do more dying I guess!

  2. This is great! It can be difficult to make that first cut into the hand-dyes, can’t it! Can’t wait to see your finished product!

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