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Arizona Quilters Guild 2014 Quilt Show ~ Part 2

2014 AZ Quilt Show ~ Part 2

In my last post, I shared photos of some of my favorite quilts at this years Arizona Quilters Guild Quilt Show.

Once I got all of the quilt photos that I wanted, I visited the vendors and did a little bit of shopping.

I only bought a few things, and I am thrilled with what I got.

I already had a cone of King Tut thread that I got for nearly free a few weeks ago, but it is too brightly variegated for most projects that I would stitch.

I wanted softer colors so I decided to try the pink and the grey.

I did some sample stitches with both colors last night and really like the subtle variegations in each color and the texture of the thread on the surface of the fabric. It is not the right thread for a dense quilt design, but it will be perfect for a more open design that you want to show.

These 2 issues of Machine Quilting Unlimited magazine came out before my subscription started.   These were discounted and the price was right, so they came home with me.

The fabric in the background is a panel by Angela Walters. It was designed for practicing FMQ.  I first saw this panel in her Craftsy Class, Machine Quilting Negative Space . While watching the class, I thought that I would like to have it, and now I do. J


The big GRAND FINALE to my day at the show is that I got to go to not only one, but two lectures by Angela Walters!

During the first lecture, she talked about how she became a quilter, thanks to her husband’s grandfather. She also talked about machine quilting modern quilts.

She is fun and has a very relaxed, easy going, personality.

There was a little over an hour between the two lectures. During that time, Darren and Keith, from Mulqueen’s, quickly brought in and set up a long arm for Angela to quilt on.

That is Darren in the face ID square. I was too slow with the camera to catch Keith completely in this photo.

The first class was free, but there was a fee for the second. Fortunately, I scored a free pass from Mulqueen’s on their Facebook page earlier in the week.

I really like how they did this with the live video display. It was nice to hear and see Angela quilting up on the stage, and at the same time, be able to see the actual quilting. It was a very nice presentation.

Afterward, we were all welcome to come up onto the stage area and talk to Angela and take photos of her quilts and quilting. She is very generous. If you are not familiar with Angela, you should visit her website and her blog.

I think the rest of the year will be much more low key for me when it comes to quilt/craft/sewing events. (I haven’t even blogged about February yet!) I am fortunate to be able to attend such events and am ready to put my knowledge and newly acquired products and supplies into action throughout the rest of the year.

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