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Pool Noodle!

I love looking at photos of work spaces of other stitchers, quilters and crafters.

Seeing the reality of these work spaces makes me feel better about mine (not only the projects that I have covering many of the work spaces, but the amount of stuff that I have accumulated to produce those projects).  Plus, I get new ideas for my space.

Those sewing rooms that are beautifully staged for a magazine photo shoot really are beautiful, but you know that if there is any real creativity going on, those same rooms do not look like they do in the photos.

We all try to keep our spaces organized, but I believe that there is no way a person can be creatively productive and have a picture perfect craft space at the same time.

So, when I saw that Vicki Welsh was hosting a “Real Studio” tour, I thought it would be fun to join in, so here goes!

The REAL Studio Tour

This week she is asking for a post about a favorite, non-traditional, sewing room tool.  My first few thoughts were for items that were already blogged about.  Then I remembered my newest non-traditional tool and so far nobody else has blogged about it.

I have been working on an embroidered wall quilt that is not at all easy to fold.  I needed a way to store it away for a while, until after the Holidays, when I could focus on it again.   I picked up a pool noodle to wrap the quilt around and it worked perfectly!  The full size noodle was the perfect size for it, but I will show you with a smaller one how I am using it.

Using a Pool Noodle to Store a QuiltThe noodle is made of a very easy to cut foam.  Using a serrated kitchen knife, I cut the noodle in half for this quilt in progress.

Using a Pool Noodle to Store a QuiltLay the noodle at one end of the quilt and then roll it up.

Using a Pool Noodle to Store a QuiltOnce it is rolled up, I used straight pins to pin it in place.  I pinned at an angle, directly into the pool noodle.

The pins hold the quilt in place very nicely.

Using a Pool Noodle to Store a QuiltHere it is, tucked away in a corner.

It could also be laid on a shelf in a closet, or maybe under a bed.  If it is kept in an area where dust is a concern, you could always wrap around it one more time with a piece of muslin.  Cut the muslin wide enough that you could also close the ends in.

I am linking this post to Vicki’s blog link up for this week.  The link up will be open through Thursday, and she is picking a winner on Friday for a prize!

This week’s winner will get a Quilt Glass that she has made.



  1. MA

    Oh wow! What a great idea this is. I’m putting a pool noodle on my shopping list and will be cutting it into smaller lengths (such as you show) for wrapping pieces of my works in progress around to keep them from getting creased. Thank you!

  2. great idea. we can get them year round here in FL

  3. That’s brilliant!

  4. I knew I saved my noodle for something. LOL. Thanks.

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