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My New Laptop Bag – My Progress So Far

While walking through the airport, between flights, on the way home from Ohio last winter, the strap broke on the bag that I used for carrying my laptop. What an inconvenient time to have this happen.

It was not a real computer bag, it was just that it was the right size and had zippered pockets for accessories. My husband offered to buy me a real computer bag, but I told him that I really wanted to make one myself.

Well here it is almost a year later and I am finally making one.

A couple of weeks ago, I became aware of a laptop bag pattern designed by Sara Lawson of

As soon as I saw this pattern, I knew it was exactly what I wanted to make.


Outside View of Flap

Inside View of Flap

The flap was the first bag part that I quilted and assembled.  I am wishing now that I had quilted the meandering feathery design on this piece, but I saw this  wavy columns design on Flickr and thought I would give it a try.    The surfaces of all of the quilted pieces have an interesting, fun feel to them.

Outside Side View of Front Main Body

Back Side View of Front Main Body

This is showing both sides of the front panel.  I had not done a snap closure before and it was really a snap to do!  🙂

Outside Side View of Back Main Body with Zipper for Pocket

Inside View of Back Main Body with Zippered Pocket

The back panel has a zippered pocket.

Zipper Inserted into Dividing Pocket

View of Both Fabrics Used for Dividing PocketThis will be a zippered divider pocket, that will be centered inside the bag.

Strap and Outer Side Panel

The quilted strip on the left is the outer side panel.

The carry strap, on the right, should be much more sturdy than the strap on my last bag.  It will also be fairly comfortable since is is lined with batting.

I still have a few pieces to cut and then it will be time to assemble everything.  I am excited to see this finished, it will certainly get used a lot.  I will be getting together with girlfriends  for a sew day later this week, and I always take my laptop with me.  I really want to have this done by then so I can show it off .

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