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I Failed to Meet My Goal Yesterday :(

I failed to meet my goal for the day, yesterday, there were just too many other distractions.  I did make great progress, though.

This is my first experience with Y-Seams and there were plenty there to learn and practice on.

After I got the center diamonds and squares all together, there was a bit of a mountain where all of the diamonds met in the very center, so I decided to block it and then my husband and I ran some errands and went out for lunch.

First Blocking.

  This was my first time blocking a quilt and wow, what a difference it made.  When we returned, the piece was dry and flat.  The borders are still just laying there, nothing happening with them yet.

By time I got back to working on it last night, it was getting late and I was having a more difficult time getting those Y-seams for the side background pieces to cooperate,  so I called it a night.

This morning, I un-stitched  one of the side pieces because something was just not lining up right.  After re-stitching, it was much better.

Through out the day today, I added the larger corner pieces.

Blocking for the 2nd time, after adding sides and corners

The corner and side pieces were a bit wavy when I finished, and it is getting late again, so I decided to block it again and leave it over night this time.

I still need to trim the edges, add an inner border, add the embroidered borders and corner squares,  and then a final outer border.

I guess I bit off more than I could chew when I made the goal of assembling the entire top in just one day.   I am anxious to get this finished and on the wall, but I really want to focus on the details that will make a difference in how the quilt looks and lays when it is finished.

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  1. really cool piecing, what work of love! and i love the design, and the colors you used, too. spectacular, june!

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