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I Am Committing to Assembeling This Top TODAY!

My version of Go! Be Dazzled started as my take along project for our quilt retreat back in April of this year.  Even though I took along about a million different emboroidery threads and did a TON of prep before leaving for the week end, this really was not a good choice for the event because it requires a bit of concentration for planning the thread color choices that will run through out the quilt, multi-hooping, etc.  Next retreat, I will take something that can be stitched more easily while chatting and having fun with the girls.
Go! Be Dazzled by Sarah Vedeler

When I got home from the retreat, this project found it’s way into the UFO pile, where it stayed for about 4 months.
In August, I needed a project to work on at our monthly girls sewing day at my friend Carole’s house, so I decided to re-focus on this one.  It took some time and thought to figure out where I was and what I needed to do next, so again, not the best project for a gathering, so I did more visiting than stitching that day.

About 2 or 3 weeks ago, in the quiet of home, where I could focus on my project, I did finish the embroidery.

I had to deal with some “issues” near the end.
Ouch!  Major Thread Nest caused a significant hole in my project.

A major thread nest chewed a hole in this piece. After I finally got this dug out of the machine,  I fused some of the applique fabric and additional stabilizer onto the back side and restitched the area.



I was really trying to inspect each embroidery closely before removing them from the hoop.

Oops!  This one was my mistake.

 Not sure how this one slipped by unnoticed, but it had to go back into the hoop for the for the final color stop, the outline satin stitch (the upper right heart).

Lining up my stitch points for putting embroidered design back into hoop for repair.

I got things lined up pretty close.  Right here is where I knew the outline stitch would be off just a bit, but at this point, I was more interested in getting it done than getting it perfect.

Go! Be Dazzled ~ Embroidery is Finished!
The embroidered quilt parts and pieces have been laid out on my design floor for the past 2-3 weeks.  The sashing and border strips are all cut and ready.  I still need to prepare and cut the “filler” background fabrics.
I am committing publicly, that I will assemble this top TODAY.

I guess I need to step away form the computer and go do some stitching.


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