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Dyeing 101 ~ Controlling Color

Over a year ago, I signed up for an online class with Candy Glendening, of

  Dyeing 101-Controlling Color  is a Low Water Immersion Fabric Dyeing Class  .

The class is broken down into several sessions of excellent, written and video instruction, followed by a section for Q&A. There is a lot of information in this class. Candy is a great teacher ~ it appears to come naturally for her.


Blues and Reds Ready to Rinse

Red, Yellow and Blue Gradations

So far, I only managed to complete the “Dyeing Tints” session, but that was last summer. Aren’t they pretty?

Thankfully, once you purchase the class, access to the class does not expire. Now that it is over a year later, I am finally ready to pick up where I left off.

The session I am working on now, the “Brights Triad”, consists of dying a total of 66 five inch swatches, each a different color gradation, all made from combining only 3 primary colors. This process is repeated in the next session, the “Natural Triad”, using a different set of 3 primary colors, for a grand total of 132 swatches.

This photo of the Candiotic Table is from

The swatches will ultimately be attached to a background fabric, forming the “Candiotic Table of Elemental Colors”.

I thought I had all of the dyes recommended for the class, but realized this morning that I don’t have the right red for the “Brights” and I don’t have the right yellow for the “Naturals”.   I decided to go ahead and do a 66 step gradation with the colors that I do have. Mine will be different than Candy’s, but I am going to “just do it”.

Fabric Swatches Marked and Ready to Dye I am using Legacy Studios Premium Muslin from Joann’s.  I have “scrubbed”  the muslin to prepare it for the dye process.   The first 66 gradation swatches are now cut, marked and ready to dye.

My Dye Studio. Ready to mix for the gradations.

My altered set of 3 primary dye stocks are mixed and my “dye studio” is all set up, ready to mix the gradations.

28 of the first 66 gradations are batching.
So far, I have done 28 of the first 66 gradations.  These will batch until tomorrow.   I might get to do the remaining 38 later tonight, if not, definitely tomorrow morning. 

I am going to order the missing colors before I dye the second set, but that gives me a good reason to also order a book that I found on the Dharma site today.  🙂


  1. Ooooh! Link to the class, pretty please? Oh please oh please oh please…?

  2. Wow! Your dyed fabric is beautiful!

  3. So glad you’re enjoying the class! And I’m so glad that I decided to make these classes with non-expiring access!

    • Candy, I am slowly making my way through the class,and yes I really am enjoying it. I need to order some more of the pure dyes to make the second triad. I know that I get excited to start things and then get distracted, which is exactly what I did with this class. Knowing this about myself, the fact that access to the class was non-expiring is the reason I went ahead and signed up. You have provided an amazing amount of information in this class.
      Are you still also replying to comments and questions? As I make my way through the remaining course material, I am sure that I will have more questions for you.

  4. Sew pretty! Not something you’re working on now, but I really like this. Glad yo’ure working on dying fabrics! 🙂

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