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My New Pressing Boards

Like so many other quilters/sewers/stitchers, I find my regular ironing board to be more narrow than I would like for pressing larger pieces of fabric, and the narrower end makes it difficult to keep things neat and straight. Many have bought or made “Big Boards” that fit/attach to their regular ironing boards. I wanted my own “Big Board” so I bought the supplies to make my own.

The plywood board is from Home Depot. It measures about 24 x 48″.

A Craft Size package of Warm and White is large enough to provide 2 layers to cover the board.

The  two layers of Warm and White were trimmed to about 2-3 inches wider than the board on all 4 sides and stapled into place with a staple gun.

I repeated the process with the fabric.  A hammer was used to be sure that none of the staples were sticking out.

Cute Pressing Board!

I decided not to attach it to the ironing board. I like how much more stable it is on more sturdy surfaces. It is on the cutting table in this photo.

(The cutting table is actually a desk in the office. We don’t really use the office as an office, so it has become my cutting and pressing room.)

It sits nicely on top of this filing cabinet, right by the cutting table. This is where it will be most of the time.

The pressing board can also sit on top of a portable table in the sewing room if I need it closer by while I am sewing.

If the big pressing board is busy doing something else,  I also have a smaller version that I made in the same way, using a wooden TV tray top.

The big pressing board can double as a small design wall. The cotton fabric won’t hold the pieces in place like flannel or batting will, but pins work well to hold things in place.

The mini pressing board takes less room on a portable table near the sewing machines, when I just need to press smaller pieces.

I am glad that I decided to keep the boards portable so that they can be easily moved to where they are needed.  When I need to put them out of sight, the big one will fit behind a door and the little one will fit on a shelf in the closet.

BTW: the pieces attached to the board are from my Go! Be Dazzled quilt, which I will blog about soon.

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  1. Nice! I have a wider-than-usual standard ironing board and would love a big board, but in my current set-up don’t have anywhere I could use it. Someday may re-arrange my room. Nice point that it doubles as a design wall!

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