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Altering My New Pressing Boards

Yesterday, I shared how I made and plan to use my new pressing boards. Today, I am posting an update to these boards.

The very first time I spray starched and pressed a piece of fabric on my big board, I realize that the way I like to starch my quilt parts and pieces, I will ruin my pretty fabric in no time.

I had a large piece of white canvas in my stash, that I will use as a removable, replaceable cover. The canvas was cut  to size and pinned in place on the back side of the board.

My original plan was to make a drawstring edge, like on regular ironing board covers, but this is as far as I got.

Maybe, when I have some “extra time” I might do the drawstring so that the cover is smoother on top. But then I am sure just using it will smooth the excess canvas on the surface.

I need to cover the small one, too.

As a design wall, the solid color visually works better as a background, too, except that you can still see the pretty print underneath.  I always have the option of removing the canvas cover and having the pretty cover “just for show”.

(The piece on the board today is made up of some of my hand dyed fabrics.)

My boards will be getting a lot of use as I begin to get my Go! Be Dazzled quilt ready to put together.  I have not blogged any updates since March, but will do so soon.


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