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Baby Giraffes Baby Quilt Part 1 Deciding on a Layout

A couple of weeks ago, I decided to “squeeze in” a project. I have many UFO’s that I really need to work on, so I was hesitant to start a new project in fear of it becoming yet another UFO. Fortunately, I had a deadline for this one and finished it well in advance of the deadline.

As I mentioned in my previous blog post, my hair dresser of many years is a brand new first time grandma (as of last week) and I wanted to make her grandson a quilt before my next appointment with her.

I have had Anita Goodesign’s Baby Giraffes Baby Giraffes embroidery designs for quite a while and was anxious to use them.

I had no real plan for this quilt, so I thought I might just use the same layout and technique as is shown on the Anita Goodesign website for this set.

In my previous blog post, I talked about my experience with this background fabric, in my test block, being the wrong choice and showed the fabrics that I did choose to use.

Again, with no real plan, I just cut the block fabric a few inches bigger on all four sides than the finished size of the embroidery design, figuring I could trim them to size later. I stitched of 5 of the 12 designs from the set, in the larger of the 2 sizes available. I ended up only using 4 of the embroideries. I will do another blog post, later, about what I did with the 5th block.

While the blocks were stitching, I found this quilt on the Embroidery Library Stitchers Showcase page and wanted to see if I could mimick this layout instead. So I studied and dissected the quilt layout until I figured out where the actual blocks were. After playing in EQ7 for a while, I came up with something similar.

This is the layout that I decided to try.

In the photo on the left, the light areas in the centers represent where I planned to place the embroidered blocks and the light blue blocks would be the same fabric as the embroidered block (as shown in the photo on the right).

Well….. Somewhere between deciding on my preferred layout and trimming the blocks, I must have become distracted. I somehow trimmed the blocks so that they would not work in this layout.

So… I had to make a new plan.

I added a border of the blue dots on white fabric to each block so that they would each finish as a 12 inch block (12.5 inches as they are shown here, before quilt assembly).

Nine Patch blocks were made using the background fabric of the embroidered blocks and the blue with white dots fabric. I started with 4.5 inch squares so that I would end with a 12 inch finished size block.

The blocks were arranged into a nine block layout. Cute enough, but not the look I was going for.

After spending a little bit of time moving things around, this is what I came up with.

I took the center Nine Patch apart and made it into 3 identical rows of 3 blocks that would be spread down the middle of the quilt. The remaining 9-patches were moved to the corners of the quilt. I am calling this an Altered Nine Patch layout.

Since I tend to be pretty picture heavy on my blog posts, I will continue my process on this quilt in a 2nd part blog post.

It may seem that I am providing “TMI” on my projects process but these posts are for me as well as for those that may want more detailed information. Since I am still fairly new to quilt making, I will most likely want to revisit the details of this quilt when making another in the future and I like lots of photos to remind myself how I made it.


  1. mindingmomma

    this is a real cute quilt. perfect for a new grandbaby.

  2. Hi June.
    Love reading all the details and seeing all of the photos. I think the layout you chose looks really cute. I like how you recreated it in EQ7 too. Good job! Looking forward to reading part 2. 🙂

    • Hi Sylvia,
      Nice to hear from you! I just posted part 2 and as you can probably tell, I will most likely make this quilt again. I need to work my way through my UFO’s before I start another project, though!

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