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I Made A Decision On Easy Street!

Once I finished assembling the top of Easy Street, I needed to put it away for a while for a few different reasons.

  1. I just needed a break from it.
  2. I needed to decide on borders and binding. I didn’t want to make a rush and regret decision.
  3. I want to do the quilting on my Tiara, and since it was brand new to me at the time, I needed time and practice to become comfortable quilting with it.

After sitting in the closet since January, I pulled it out this week-end to finally decide.

For visual consistency, I wanted to use fabrics in the border that were already used in the quilt. After debating over several combinations of fabrics, I finally decided to use the polka-dotted teal/aqua as the thin inner border. This fabric seems to contain the blocks layout nicely. I got this border stitched on today.

The larger outer border will be a black print on white that will also be the backing fabric. This print was not used in the body of the quilt, but it is what I have and I really like it. The grey (gray) that was used throughout the quilt will be used as the binding. I plan to sew on the outer border tomorrow so that I can start quilting it soon.

As I was studying/measuring the quilt for the borders, I noticed a mistake that I had not noticed before:

The mistake is in the first block shown. There are supposed to be 3 purple flying geese pointing outward from each center, like in the second photo. The mistake block somehow got a black/white print in place of one of the purple geese in all four areas. Oh, well. The quilt is busy enough that it won’t be obvious, but it does make a difference in the appearance of the block. It will be interesting to see if anyone besides me even notices.


  1. I like the colors you have chosen for the borders. The blocks look great – even the unique one. 🙂

  2. Hi June, what a lovely quilt pattern with the black & white, pop of colors. Very nice! I like your black & white border fabric.

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