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UFO Finish!!! My Poinsettia Wall Quilt

I made my first photo entry into Tanesha’s   UFO Finish Along on Flickr.

The Poinsettia wall quilt was started in a private class in the fall of 2011. My friend, Carole, saw the original quilt on display in a local quilt shop.  Carole tracked down the designer/maker of the quilt (Betty Hahn) and asked if she would teach some of us how to make it.  Betty does hold classes at the LQS and also holds private classes in her home, which is where we had ours.  Betty is a fiber artist and has some incredible art quilts on the walls of her home. We were able to spend 3 half days at Betty’s house as she walked us through most of the process of how to make these quilts. By the end of the 3rd class, we had the confidence to finish our quilts on our own at home. A year and a half later, I have finally finished mine, and I love it.

It is raw edge applique and finished size is 32×56″.

To start, there was a lot of tracing. Betty provided us with the pattern.  After numbering every leaf, flower, and seed on the original pattern, we then traced, over our pattern, onto Sulky Totally Stable and these pieces were also numbered according to the original pattern.

The Sulky Totally Stable was cut into parts and pieces to be used as our cutting pattern. The numbered pieces are ironed to the front of fabric that had fusible web applied to the back.

The fabrics that we used were from the Stonehenge fabric line, a perfect match to the pre-printed poinsettia panel, also by Stonehenge, that is the inspiration for the wall quilt. The panel was “cropped” and the pieces that were cut away were used in other parts of the quilt.

Parchment paper was laid over the original pattern, which at this point is the placement guide for the parts and pieces.  The cut pieces were tacked into place onto the parchment by lightly fusing to the parchment and to each other where they overlapped.  This is where the numbering was VERY helpful.

Once all of the flower and leaf pieces were in place, the panel was placed into it’s predetermined position, so that it is in front of the larger scene behind.

At this point, the light background fabric was cut to fit the background areas and placed under the leaves and flowers. The pieces that were removed from the original panel were also used along 2 of the edges.   At this point, everything was fused in place onto the batting, completing the quilt top.  I did not get a photo at this stage.

This is when it became a UFO.   It was stored in a bag in the closet for almost a year.  As Christmas time (2012) neared, I pulled it out in hopes of getting it finished soon.

This quilt is finished with the pillow case technique. This is the first time I did this technique and, after turning it right sides out, I was apprehensive about the process on this particular quilt just because of all of the fused pieces.  I got it stitched, turned and pressed.  I pin basted  the edges to keep them from rolling.

It was around this time that I purchased my Baby Lock Tiara (sit down quilting machine identical to the Handi-Quilter Sweet Sixteen).  I knew that I wanted to do the quilting on my new machine, but was not yet ready to try. I needed to learn how to use the machine and become comfortable with it first, so I pinned the quilt, unquilted, to the wall for the Holiday season. I decided I would not take it down until I was ready to quilt it.

Last month (May 2013), I finally decided that I REALLY needed to take it down and that I was ready to quilt it.

I started by quilting around the flowers, pot and bow in the panel.

My dog, Daisey, wanted me to pay attention to her instead.

The cat decided that this was a great place to rest for a while.

I outlined the edge of each leaf before adding the veining.

I felt too confined in the corner, so I moved the machine out into the middle of the room and put portable tables on each side to support the areas of the quilt that I was not working on.  There are fold down side table extensions available for the Tiara, but at around $200 each, I am very happy with the portable tables that I already own and already use for many other purposes in my sewing room.

In this photo, the panel and the red leaves are all quilted. It is amazing how the quilting adds so much “life” to the quilt.

I used Sulky Metallic thread (143-7007) for quilting the red leaves and the center panel. I used Robinson Anton Metallic (Spring Green) for quilting the green leaves. And I used Marathon 60wt. Trilobal Polyester thread (gold, color 2162) for the straight line quilting and in the bobbins for the entire quilt.  I did the straight line quilting on my Brother Duetta 4500D.   I was very happy with all three threads and did not have any problem with any of them on either machine.

Here is it FINISHED! And just in time to enter the photo into the UFO along for May 2013.

I am so happy with the way that this turned out and feel ready to tackle another bigger project on my Baby Lock Tiara. I might even be ready to quilt Easy Street, another UFO,  after I add a border.


  1. Stunningly beautiful! LOVE IT! Congratulations on finishing your UFO.

  2. Wow, that is a stunning Christmas quilt. I love the way the outside border works really well with the centre part. Very nicely done. You’ll love having this out at Christmas.

  3. WOW, June. Just beautiful! I liked seeing the photos at each step. Congrats!

  4. Just beautiful, Thanks for sharing your process and your wonderful piece.

  5. Tammy

    Hi June. Just found this post on Pinterest.
    Looks lovely.

    • Hi Tammy! At first I wasn’t sure if this was the Tammy that I knew or not. After a couple of clicks, I realized you are the Tammy that I know. 🙂 Thanks for letting me know that my Poinsettia quilt found it’s way onto Pinterest. It is when I come across my own photos there.

  6. Theresa

    Oh my! That’s gorgeous!

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