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Prep, Prep, Prep! A March-A-Long Update

Our week-end sewing retreat is coming up this coming Friday through Sunday. I chose a project with a TON of prep required.  The Go! Be Dazzled Quilt was actually designed as a 12 month block of the month project. I decided a little over a week ago that this was going to be my take along project for the retreat. I do NOT expect to be anywhere finished with it before coming home.

I recently posted about how I worked on locating and purchasing small amounts of fabrics that I might want to use, deciding on thread colors, and prepping and stitching a couple of samples to be sure I am happy with my choice. This past week, I purchased the full amount of fabrics that I have decided on.  I am still deciphering the instructions. There is a lot of very helpful info in the instructions, but I feel that they are also missing information that I feel would be helpful.

I spent quite a bit of time yesterday and today cutting all of the actual quilt parts and pieces. There were a couple of pieces that I kind of had to figure out what length to cut them, but most cuts did give specific measurements. All of the pieces that will have embroidery on them also had to be backed with a lightweight interfacing, as well as an iron-on tear-away stabilizer.
Prepped, Tagged and Bagged
I have stacked, tagged and bagged all of these pieces to help keep them organized.

Right now, I am in the process of figuring out how much, and what sizes, of the appliqué fabric to prepare for die cutting.

Ready to cut applique pieces.

I do not have the Accuquilt circle dies or the diamond dies, but I do have other ways of cutting these. Tomorrow, I hope to have all of the appliqué pieces cut and ready to go by the end of the day.
Once I feel confident that I have my project parts and pieces prepped and ready to go, I will be able to focus on making sure I have everything else I will need for the retreat, both for embroidering my project and for myself.

Hopefully, I will have prepared well enough that I can just embroider non-stop while I am there, with the exception of eating,  “Happy Hour” and sleep.

I have definitely spent my “at least 15 minutes a day” participating in the March-A-Long challenge that Darla of Scientific Quilter Podcast and Blog is hosting.  This is the final week to report in.  I am happy to say that I did report that I met the challenge each week during the month of March.  Thanks for the motivation, Darla!

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