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I Just Can’t Decide!

I think I am happy with my fabric choices for my version of the Go! Bedazzled quilt, but I am struggling with my thread choices.

I love the thread colors used in the inspiration quilt, especially the punch of turquoise throughout.

Made by Sandy LawrenceBest of Show Winner of Arizona quilters Guild 2012 Quilt Show

Made by Sandy Lawrence
2012 Best of Show Winner –  Arizona Quilters Guild Quilt Show

I want to use this in my bedroom, in which I tend to use burgundy/cranberry and earth tone colors and feel that the turquoise would not “go” in the bedroom .

I think I just need to get over it and go for the bright punches of color, that is part of what drew me to this quilt in the first place.

Sampling thread colors.

Sampling thread colors.

I embroidered a sample stitch out of one of the blocks with several different thread options.
I am getting closer to making some choices, but am starting to think that maybe my light colored appliqué fabric may just be too light.

Maybe the light fabric is just too light.

Maybe the light fabric is just too light.

There are only 3 different fabrics in the entire quilt, a dark, a medium and a light. I did buy another fabric for the light option that isn’t quite as light and will try that tonight.

I am also reporting in for the 3rd week of the March-A-Long that Darla is hosting. My report is very brief (non-detailed) this week. I have definitely spent more than my 15 minutes each day doing or focusing on quilty/stitch things. I am mainly focused on getting Go! Be Dazzled prepared to take on retreat in 2 weeks. I also try to squeeze in a few minutes here and there throughout the week practicing free motion quilting. As usual, I manage to spend more than my fair share of time looking at photos and reading blogs.

Happy Stitching!


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