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March-A-Long Week 2 Update And International Quilt Day

Happy International Quilt Day!

I am participating in a quilty (for my updates, I am including all things stitchy) March-A-Long hosted by Darla of Scientific Quilter blog and podcast. The goal is to spend at least 15 minutes per day doing something quilty related.

This is my update for what I did during week 2.

Sunday :
I looked in all of my hiding places and gathered my UFO’s together into one space. They are separated into storage tubs, most with all of the parts and pieces to complete them, but for some, I need to gather the remaining supplies necessary to complete the project.


I looked at my stack of UFO’s with the plan of making a list of them and got distracted with something else. I guess they will just have to hang out together for a while longer. I did look at quilty blogs and photos for my daily dose of eye candy.


I laid out my Easy Street Quilt top on the bed in the guest bedroom to see how it fits and to decide on borders. I definitely will need to add borders to make it finish to the size I want. I still need to buy the backing fabric. I am anxious to get this quilt finished, but I am also hesitant to quilt it since I have never quilted a bed size quilt before. I guess I will just go for it when the time comes.  🙂

Deciding on Borders for Easy Street


In 3 weeks, I will be going on my first week end “sewing” retreat. I will be going along with 2 of my sewing friends and some others that I have not met yet. We will drive up early Friday and stay through Sunday afternoon. Everyone will be working on a project(s) of their own choosing. For my 15 minutes for today,  I stopped on my way home from work and bought the pattern for Amy Butler’s Weekender Bag and looked around online at a few blogs and on Flickr for hints and tips on making my own. I know I won’t have time to make it before the retreat, but the trip sparked my interest in making the bag.


I will be going to the Arizona Quilters Guild Quilt Show tomorrow so this afternoon I reviewed my fabric, thread, book and pattern stash to refresh my memory on what I have so that I don’t buy anything that I already have or pass up a deal on something that I might need.


I met with some girlfriends at the Quilt Show today. I took several photos (I really need a new camera!) so that I could study some of the quilting details and spend more time appreciating the quilts when I was not distracted by all of the people and surroundings.   I picked up some fabric and a few other supplies while I was there. I met another lady that is also going on the upcoming retreat.


 I am trying to make fabric decisions, printing templates and reading the instructions for a large quilt that I am starting.  It includes paper piecing, applique and machine embroidery. I want to become familiar with the project and make sure that I have everything I need so that I can take it along as my retreat project.

I also renewed my membership for The Quilt Show today.   All shows are free for all members for the entire week-end in celebration of International Quilt Day.


  1. Your easy street looks good. when you get to the quilting….remember very little of the stitching pattern will show on all the busy prints, so don’t agonize over it. I just used a very large stipple for mine.

  2. I like the plan for the week. Not sure I’d get away with that much quilt time. Good for you!

  3. Glad to have you come join my quilt sew-cial to celebrate International Quilt Day. Thanks for sharing insights on how you spend at least 15 minutes a day quilting.


  4. Your Easy Street is really pretty! Good luck with the quilting!

  5. The new quilt for your guest room looks terrific. Did you already have the dust ruffle? I like your Monday activities. Reading quilt blogs is definitely “quilty activity”.

    • Thanks, Jodi. Yes, I already had the dust ruffle on the bed before I realized that the top went perfectly with it. The ruffle was a Goodwill find for just $1.99 and it is in perfect condition.

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