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Nearing The End Of Easy Street

I am not new to sewing. I used to sew my own casual clothes years ago (plan to do so again, soon).  I have made a couple of rag quilts,  I make mini art quilts for AAQI and I have even joined and quilted embroidered blocks into wall quilts.

Until just recently, though, I have never made a bed quilt.

WELL….. That is (mostly) no longer true.

I have been wanting to make a real quilt for quite some time.  I listen to podcasts about quilting,  I study photos and read anything and everything I can related to quilting, so I have a comfortable familiarity with the process.  But, experience is the true teacher, and boy did I get some experience in cutting and piecing recently.

Back in October, Bonnie Hunter was getting ready to run her annual Mystery Quilt Along.  Several of the podcasters that I listen to were saying they were going to do it.  Bonnie said that this one would be easier than those that she had done in the past, and I decided that I can do easy and that I would join in.  Boy, I had no idea what I was getting myself into.

It started out easy enough, just had to go pick out fabric.  Then over the next couple of weeks, Bonnie would provide cutting and/or sewing instructions for various units that would later be made into blocks.  I was impressed with how I was able to keep up.  Then all of a sudden, the rest of the instructions were released one right after the other, and I was out of town for the Holidays for 2 of those releases.  It is not a race and there are no deadlines, but I wanted to keep up.  I have stayed focused.  It is very close to being a finished quilt top.

This quilt top has taught me a lot.  I have seen my cutting improve.  I used templates for the first time.  I made my first flying goose units.  I can see a definite improvement in my piecing skills from those first four patches all the way through to completing all of those blocks and triangles.


Since my piecing in the beginning was not that great, my blocks were off a bit. They are supposed to be 15.5″ square and finish in the quilt at 15″ square.


 Well, most of mine were not 15.5″, in fact some were just barely at 15″ to start with so I trimmed them all to 15″.



Here are all of the “A” blocks laid out.


The “B” blocks have been set into place.


The corner and setting triangles complete the layout.  Now to sew it all together!


I hope to finish it tomorrow and then just put it away for a while.  It will officially become a UFO.

I still need to decide on what type of batting to use (I am not sure of the look that I want it to have after laundering).  I need to decide if I want to add borders or not.  I want to take time to practice quilting on my Babylock Tiara before attempting to quilt this top, plus I really don’t know how I want it quilted.

I am really glad that I didn’t know about this quilt before I decided to do it, because if I did I would have decided against it and I would have missed out on a wonderful learning opportunity and a pretty awesome quilt (top, atleast!).


  1. Your Easy Street turned out beautifully. I also have some steps that are not measuring up to 3.5 inches, and I’m hoping it doesn’t cause problems when I start to sew the blocks. I love your colors too!

    • Angie, When I realized that some of my units were not measuring the full 3.5 inches, I tried to compensate while stitching the units together, either with a smaller seam allowance, or just a smaller part of that particular unit included in the seam allowance.
      When I learned of Bonnie’s method of using a card for a seam guide, my seams were much more consistent.

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