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Up To Speed On Easy Street ~ Week 4

It is time to for week 4 link up on Bonnie Hunter’s Easy Street Mystery Quilt Along.

Well, I got off on the wrong foot with this week’s cutting.  I read and made notes of the cutting requirements for the flying goose units:

1. Cut 64 quarter square triangles from the PURPLE  2″ strips.

2. Cut 64 matched pairs of wing triangles from the TURQUOISE/TEAL 2″ strips.


I got my 2″ strips all laid out and proceeded to cut 64 quarter square triangles from the TURQUOISE/TEAL 2″ strips!  It wasn’t until all 64 were cut that I realized that I had cut the wrong color.  Oh well.  I don’t know if this particular color/cut combo will be used at a later step in Easy Street or not.  If not, I can always use them in another project.


I did end up  getting all of the right colors cut correctly and sewn together to have 64 Flying Geese made up of purple quarter square triangles with turquoise/teal wing triangles.  These were then joined with 64 of the flying goose units from week 2.


I also did the additional cutting of the greens, which will be used in a later step.

I have noticed that my piecing skills are improving greatly over the past 4 weeks.  I am very new to quilting and definitely understand the importance of an accurate quarter inch seam.  My problem has been being consistent with the seam width.  I have tried using the quarter inch foot for my machine, but found the metal guide to be too flexible.  I have tried using a stack of sticky notes next to my regular foot, but they always had a slight gap under them allowing the fabrics to slip underneath, even when I taped the stack down.  This past week,  I finally learned of Bonnie’s favorite seam guide, and I think that it works GREAT!


In addition to completing all of week 4, I finished the rest of week 3.

Now I am totally up to speed with the rest of the quilters stitching along on Easy Street!


  1. Your units still look great! I am going to look into Bonnie’s seam guide myself. For now, I use mole skin. Perhaps you could use the turquoise you cut out in the border some way?

  2. Debi

    Your blocks look wonderful! I’ve made a few mistakes along the way myself so you have company.

  3. Your blocks are looking great! The green with the swirls on it is just like one of my greens. I really like that one. I am really new to quilting myself. I made my first quilt for my hubby’s birthday on August 2nd and this is my first quilt mystery. I’m just loving it! Happy Sewing!

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