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Finger Tip Hot Pads

The dental office that I work in employs 10 women, including myself.  Each Christmas, we get together for a  “Girls” Christmas party, which is this coming Friday.

We bring one big “White Elephant” game gift and  smaller “stocking stuffer” types of gifts to exchange.

The Christmas Town (smaller version) wall hanging is my White Elephant game gift.

I decided that I wanted to make finger tip hot pads in Christmas fabrics for the exchange gifts.  I searched Google, Flickr and Pinterest and could not find a tutorial that showed exactly what I wanted to make.   I was even finding it difficult to find photos of what I wanted.   I knew in my mind what I wanted them to look like, I have seen them online many times in the past, but now that I am looking, no luck.

So, I had to figure it out myself.


These are the first 2 that I have completed.

IMG_0186 IMG_0183

Now that I know how to get them to the size and details that I want, I just need to modify a few of the steps along the way to streamline the process.

As I said earlier, there are 10 women in my office.  I don’t need to make myself a set (yet, anyway), so with this set finished, I only need to make 8 more sets before Friday.  I guess I better get stitching!

I am linking this post to Sylvia’s Funday Monday Linkey.



  1. What a fantastic idea and I love the fabric you used. What a wonderful gift.
    Ali x

  2. Those are so cute! Perfect for the small gift exchange. I wonder if you could post some directions on how you made them? After you finish sewing and enjoying your Christmas party of course. Thanks for sharing on FunDay Monday too!

    • Sylvia, I have been taking photos of each step as I have been making them and hope to post instructions when I get a chance.

  3. This really is a great idea. I have never seen anything like this before. Would be great for taking hot plates out of the microwave. Maybe I can make some of these for next Christmas. Happy Sewing!

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