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My New Toy!

A few months ago I became aware of the HandiQuilter Sweet Sixteen. I don’t remember where I first learned of these “Sit Down” Quilting Machines, probably on a blog post somewhere, but  I was immediately very interested!

I checked them out at local dealers and was keeping an eye out for a previously owned one.  An online acquaintance, Sylvia, had just bought a used one and hooked me up with someone that was considering selling hers, but I don’t think she really wanted to sell, so that didn’t work out for me.

  I knew one of the local dealers had a demo Sweet Sixteen.   This same dealer is also a seller of the brand new Baby Lock Tiara, which is the identical twin to the Sweet Sixteen.  The Tiara and the Sweet 16 were both the same price, but there would be an additional $250 shipping charge on the Sweet 16, but not on the Tiara.  What sweetened the offer is that Baby Lock frequently offers 0% financing on machines.

A few days ago, that 0% offer was advertised again, so I stopped on my way home from work and played on the machine for a fourth time.  They had one in stock.

I was wavering on buying now or waiting until after the Holiday season and for the next time the 0% was offered.  The lady that was helping me granted me a few additional “wish” accessories, and I decided this was the day to buy it.     🙂

I took  it home with me that very evening.


I decided to wait til the next day to open the boxes and set it up.


The box contains the manual, foot control, digital touch screen, thread tower, power cord, oil, bobbins, small screwdriver, disc style screw driver, allen wrenches, needles, and lint brush.


The table is completely assembled in the other box.



The only thing that needed to be done was to remove that white stabilizing board from the underside, open the legs, decide on the height and turn it over.


The machine slides easily into the slot.


After attaching the touch screen, thread tower, foot controller and power cord, it is ready to thread and sew!

Right now, it is in the office until I make room for it in my sewing room.

I love it!  Now I just need to learn how to make pretty designs with it.



  1. Congratulatioms on your new quilting machine. I am sure you will have many hours of enjoyment from your new machine,

  2. I have a slight green tinge in my eye with envy on seeing your new machine!! I want one….no I need one lol Bet you will have many happy hours sewing on the baby.

  3. HI June! I’m just now reading your post. I didn’t know you had gotten a machine, or I would have replied sooner! (I’m behind in my reading!) CONGRATULATIONS! I’m so happy for you as I know you had been looking for a machine at the same time as mine. I know you will have so much fun with it. I’d like to see how you set it up in your sewing room.
    My machine is waiting for me to install the Stitch Regulator which I picked up last month. I haven’t done it yet because I’ve got some embroidery work to do for others that needs to get completed first. The sit-down long arm is too distracting – it is a lot of fun.
    I can’t wait to see what beautiful work you create with your new toy.
    Congratulations again!

    • Thanks Sylvia! For the moment, the machine is set up in the “office” (one of the spare bedrooms), I really don’t know where in my sewing room that it will go, but I will find/make a place after the first of the year.
      So far, I am just practicing/playing on it.

  4. Yeah! I love mine. I’ll follow you blog too, so we can learn from each other.

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