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Easy Street ~ I Am Joining In

Bonnie Hunter is hosting a mystery quilt along called Easy Street, and I have decided to stitch along (or at least try to keep up).

I stopped at Joann’s on my way home from work today and picked up a few of the fabrics that I will be using in this quilt.

My 2 yards of Gray.

I found five white with black prints for the background.  I don’t have the required 4 yards yet, so will keep an eye out for additional similar prints.  I am curious how many different white/black prints I should gather.  How many are you using???

I still have to gather/purchase the three other colors of fabrics, but this is enough to get me started so that I don’t get too far behind.

If you would like to join in, you can find all of the posts here.


  1. Wow, your black/white prints are lovely, as is the grey. I’m using solid white for mine, but I’m not doing Bonnie’s colours, I’m going pastel instead. Can’t wait for the next clue tomorrow.

  2. Tami Chaulk

    Your black/white prints are very nice. I’m not sure if I have enough yardage either. I might have to go back out and find a little more.

    • I do feel like I have enough now, but if I run short I will make a visit to a real quilt shop. It is just quicker and easier go to Joann’s and Walmart, but both had limited selection of white with light, airy black.

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