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FNSI My Project Is Ready To Bind

This past Friday night was the monthly Friday Night Sew In hosted by Heidi and her cousin Bobbi. I almost forgot to sign up, but my new online friend Sylvia reminded me. Thanks Sylvia!

I have been an embroidery and sewing maniac for the past couple of months. I need to post an update on my Christmas Town wall quilt, but will save that for a separate post.

For FNSI, I continued to work on my Christmas Table Runner. I pieced it a couple of weeks ago, with only an idea of how I was going to make it and no idea of how I was going to quilt it.
I have to say that a project with a plan definitely finishes nicer than a project without a plan.

This was my first attempt at piecing pinwheels, and I think I did a great job matching the points.

I started out making red & white and green & white pinwheels.

When I got ready to put them together, I felt like they were missing something, so I made red and green pinwheels to add to the mix.

The layout is so-so, but it is a learning project, so I am happy enough with it.

I am also VERY new to Free Motion Quilting. After finally deciding on what I thought was a fairly simple design, I practiced for a while and then went for it.

After doing a few areas, I realized it was a bit much, but did not want to rip out what I had done, and did not want to change the design so I kept at it. Also, I should have used a monofilament instead of white in the red and green areas.

  It is heavily quilted, not so neat, but again, it is a learning project, so it gave me plenty of beginner experience with the quilting.  It is now ready to bind.

I plan to use the red that is in the pinwheels for the binding. I will add a photo here later, after it is finished. I really like the size of it for my dining room table.

Since it was a learning project, I won’t worry about actually using it on the table for Holiday dinners.


  1. June, you did an outstanding job on your very first machine quilted project! You are a natural! It is a lovely table runner to use for Christmas.

  2. Hi June,
    Your table runner is beautiful! I love how you mixed in the red and green pinwheels in the center. You have a knack for design! And your free motion quilting is very nice.
    It looks like you had a very successful FNSI!

  3. HI June,
    Your table runner looks great! I love the design. You did a great job with it.


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