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FNSI: Project Progress Update

I started this project just over 2 months ago. It is AnitaGoodesign’s Christmas Town. I was able to complete a few of the big blocks each week over several weeks, but now that I am on the smaller border blocks, things are going much faster.  All week-end long, including Friday night for the Sew In, I have been keeping my embroidery machine very busy. I hope to have ALL of the embroidery finished later today or tomorrow.

I have everything pinned to insulation board that I am using as a design wall.  It is in the hallway, just outside of my sewing room, which is why the photo is at such an odd angle.

Once the embroidery is finished, my machine really needs to go in for service.  I have been having to persuade it to keep stitching.  Fortunately, I have another machine I can use to assemble the blocks and work on other small sewing projects.



  1. What an amazing piece of work!

    • Debbie, This is the largest embroidery project I have ever worked on. It is going up on the wall as soon as it is finished, even if it is finished before Halloween.

  2. Wow, absolutely beautiful!

  3. This is lovely! And you’ve done all that in two months? Amazing.

    • Janet, I am not usually so productive! I was on a roll and I knew that if I stopped I would lose my momentum and possibly not get it finished.

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