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Sharpie Saves The Day!!! (or atleast the embroidery design!)

I am in the process of stitching out the blocks for AnitaGoodesign’s Christmas Town.  I had stitched out 11 blocks and was working on my 12th block.  Part of the process is to tack down fabrics and trim away the excess.  Well…… I forgot to trim part of one piece of fabric before moving on.

I decided to try to trim closely around the row to trees, but it left a fuzzy edge.

I thought about leaving it, thinking maybe I could pass it off as snow on the trees, but none of the other trees on the other blocks have this particular look.   I also thought about starting over, but then I decided to try to color the edges to blend them in.  I looked through my “stuff” and found some green sharpie markers.

They worked perfectly.

I was able to finish the block without it looking like I had to fix anything at all!

I am posting photos of each of the blocks as I finish them on my page.


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  1. Very ingenious! =D

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