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My August 2012 AAQI Donation Mini Quilt

I almost missed the August deadline for the AAQI Quilt A Month Challenge. Quilts need to be registered by the 20th of each month. August was especially busy for me and I had planned on making my quilt on the Monday (the 20th) after our return from vacation, since I would still be off work for one more day.
I got up Monday morning, got my cup of coffee and started checking my e-mail. Within 5 minutes, my phone rang. It was a co-worker calling to see if I would be interested in working for her since she was sick. She had other people that she could call, but I was the best option this particular day. Since I had been off the entire previous week, I didn’t feel like I could say no, but that meant I wouldn’t have the day to sew.
As soon as I got home that evening, I went to work editing an embroidery design I had digitized and used in the past. I felt that this would be the quickest way for me to make this mini quilt so that I could get it registered on time.
After the embroidery was complete, I decided to quilt a portion of the quilt sandwich with free motion quilting. For whatever reason, my machine was just not in the mood for this type of stitching. My thread kept shredding and breaking. I re-threaded the machine over and over and over until the quilting was finally finished. Thankfully this was a small quilt and did not require much quilting.

I love how this turned out. This phrase just seems so appropriate for the cause.

(Sorry for the photo quality, I scanned it and forgot to take a regular photo.  It is really much prettier than this!)

As of the end of July AAQI has raised more than $747,000 for Alzheimer’s research thanks to donations of these mini quilts.  Please consider donating one or more of these “Priority Quilts” yourself, or buying one of the hundreds that are for sale on AAQI’s Quilts For Sale page.   They make perfect gifts for all occasions, or “just because.”

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  1. Darling, June! And talk about super fast! Oh, how I would love an embroidery machine for times and projects such as this one! Fabulous and you kept your calm and got it!

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