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A Project Using My Hand Dyed Samples

I wanted to do a small project with my new hand dyed fabric samples. I remembered seeing a photo of a quilt a while back on Flickr that I wanted to use as my inspiration.

Once I located that photo again, I realized that I definitely could do a similar version of this on a much smaller scale with the 3 sets of gradations that I just dyed.

I decided to cut my strips 1.75” wide.

Since I was just doing a small project, I cut just one strip from each of the 18 shades/colors, which was enough to give me 12 blocks.

Each block consisted of 3 shades of one of the colors with 2 strips of black that framed each side of the strips .

Since there were 6 gradations of each color, I tried to “mix it up” a bit by using strips 1, 3 and 5 from a color set in one block and strips 2, 4 and 6 in another.

Once I had the blocks complete and was happy with the layout, I took a photo, “Just in case”.

Boy, am I glad I took that photo.
I was SURE that I was carefully stacking and stitching the sets of blocks together, but when I tried to put them back in place, they would NOT go! After referring to the photo, I realized I had sewn the seam on the wrong edge of one section and that threw the design off completely, but just for a moment.

The 12 blocks stitched together rather quickly, even with the unstitching that I had to do.

The black borders confine the design and give it a finished look.

I chose to baste it with both spray adhesive and some straight pins. I did straight line quilting in the well of the seams.

Here is a picture of my sewing room helper.

A Project Using My Hand Dyed Samples
This was a quick and easy project that allowed me to play with and display my newly hand dyed fabric samples.   It will also serve as a visual reference to the actual fabric samples.


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  1. Wow, that looks beautiful!

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