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Cerulean Blue Dyed T-Shirt

Cerulean Blue Dyed T-Shirt by StitchedByMe
Cerulean Blue Dyed T-Shirt, a photo by StitchedByMe on Flickr.

This started out as a Hanes Ladies white 100% cotton V-neck T-shirt. It was dyed with 2 shades of cerulean blue fiber reactive dye.
This went through two dyeing sessions. The first time, I used an accordian fold, then twisted the shirt before applying the darker shade of the blue.
After rinsing, the remaining white areas were too white for what I wanted, so I dyed it again in a weaker shade of the same blue, but this time it was just scrunch dyed using the low water immersion technique.
I definitely see more of these shirts making their way into my closet.



  1. Absolutely beautiful! Wow!

    • Thank you, Lynda.

  2. nice T! it looks like you’ve been having lots of fun dyeing – something I’d love to do more of. Thank you for your comment on my Disappearing 4 patch wit a twist – if you do try it, I’d love to see how it turns out!

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