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I Digitized My First Die Cut Embroidery Design

I have finally been bitten by the die cut bug!
When I attended the Arizona Quilt Show in Mesa recently, I fell in love with this quilt, made by Sandy Lawrence, that won best of show. It features die cuts embellished with machine embroidery, digitized by Sarah Vedeler.   The blocks were assembled into a star pattern.

Before seeing this quilt, I had NO interest in die cut machines and the dies needed for them.

Soon after the show, I bought the set of designs used for this particular quilt and all of the dies for it.

Obviously, the dies need to be used in a machine, which I did not yet have. I remembered seeing a video on Youtube saying that the Sizzix Machine could use the Accuquilt GO! Baby dies, so I decided that I would look into what dies work with what machines.

About the same time, Joann’s had a 50% off coupon that I was able to use on the Sizzix Big Shot, so I bought it.  I like that I can use other brands of dies with this machine, plus, I got it for a MUCH better price than I could get the Go! Baby for.

The Accuquilt dies are not as thick as the Sizzix dies, so a shim is needed to elevate the Accuquilt dies. I just cut a piece of cardboard from a box.
(NOTE: Sizzix dies CAN NOT be used in the Accuquilt Go or Go Baby. The Sizzix Dies are too thick.)

Since I am slowly learning how to digitize (one of the MANY things I am slowly learning), I thought it would be fun to make my own designs for use with the die cuts.

As luck would have it, Amy, who is the owner of DigiStudio Yahoo group,  just had an Embird Lesson on sizing for digitizing for die cuts in Embird Studio.
I decided to start with the Round Flower die.

After applying fusible web to the backside of some pink fabric, I cut out the flower design.

Following Amy’s instructions, I got the cut out scanned and into Embird Studio. Once I was convinced that it was sized correctly, I digitized my first die cut embroidery design and transferred it to my embroidery machine for a test stitch out.

I ran out of bobbin thread part way through, which affected the stitches, but since it is just a sample, I didn’t fret about it. I just fixed it and went on.

Once stitched, I could plainly see that the middle was boring. It needed something more.

I searched through my button jar and found a pink on that I will add to the center.  In the future, I will add other parts of this die set, but I need to digitize them first.

Seeing it stitched out, I see things that I will change, but it is nice to know that this is something that I can now do.
I think I will save my various stitch outs and assemble them somehow into a wall hanging to show them off.


  1. I LUV Sarah Vedler’s designs! I’ve taken several classes from her. And it’s such a great combination to pair her designs with Accuquilt die cuts. =)


    • Annie, Did you take those classes at Sew From The Heart? I went there for the first time for the April ASG meeting.
      As I said in my post, I had zero interest in getting into the whole die cut thing until I saw that quilt at the quilt show. I made one block from Sarah’s Go! Be Dazzled. It turned out really cute. Since it was just to try out the designs, placement and interpreting the instructions, I am just going to make it into a single block wall hanging for my sewing room.

  2. lourdes

    hi june,, how you doing,,yea i wanted to tell you i have that die of the flower, of accu go, with the flower but i will like to digetiest it ,, how could i do it or a web site i could see ..thanks so much.

    • I use Embird Studio for my digitizing. I purchase lessons from Amy at The lesson that addresses getting the design size to match the size of the die cut is #72 “Getting the Right Size”.
      I hope this information is helpful for you.

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