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My FNSI Completed Project

I was sure I was going to get a ton of sewing done during FNSI, but in the end completed just one project.  It is probably one project more than  would have completed had I not  signed up.

This is my March 2012 entry for the AAQI Quilt a month challenge.  I have named it Lemon with a Twist of Lime.

 They always offer a theme that you can follow or not, your choice. My choice this month was to not follow the theme.

It is another mini (8.5″ x 12″) made with the Lil Twister tool. I based it on my recent “Pink Twisting with Purple” mini but I don’t think the green and yellow combination has the same impact as the pink and purple did.  

I did all of the decorative stitching after I added the batting and back.  The back side looked pretty amazing  before I covered a portion of it with the fast finish triangles which are used for hanging it.  Since it could be hung in any direction, I added the triangles to all four corners.

Now I just need to get it registered with AAQI and mark the quilt name and number as well as my name and location, all on the back.


  1. Hi! I really like this! Lots of visual impact and stimulation! Perfect donation quilt!
    Take care, Leslie

  2. Love the green and yellow! The decorative stitches make it playful.

  3. Very nice, I did the heart twister for valentines day. I did get the top finished and the quilt sandwiched but haven’t decided how to quilt it yet so I think I’m going to hang it on the wall until inspiration hits!! Hopefully not literally, I’m hoping it won’t fall on my head!
    Until next time! Jodi

  4. Looks beautiful, I like the way you did the stitching! Thanks for stopping by my blog, I couldn’t reply to your comment.

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