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Sometimes I Just Feel Like I Am Being Watched

In our neighborhood there is a black cat, that looks like a miniature panther, that roams the neighborhood as if he owns it.
There is a common block wall between the homes in my area. Quite often as I am walking past the kitchen, I will get the feeling that I am being watched.

He just lays out there watching what is going on inside.

We also have a black cat that gets REALLY agitated when she spots him out there. The dog will sense her agitation and run outside to chase the intruder away.

This is Daisey, protector of the house.



  1. Don’t be fooled. They are watching you. There’s not a lot to watch when you are asleep. Thanks for the fun post. I like your dog. Always Marc Marrs

  2. We have 2 cats that sit on our front porch and taunt our inside cat too. Your dog is a cutie. Thanks so much for stopping by the tile post.
    Take care,

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