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I Attended My First Real Quilt Show Yesterday

In the past, I have attended the Phoenix Sewing, Craft and Quilt Festival, but yesterday was the first time I attended a real quilt show.  It was SO INSPIRING!  I loved it.

There were over 300 quilts of various sizes and styles on display. I wore the batteries out on both my camera and my cell phone taking photos.

Unfortunately, I did not make sure they both had a fresh charge on them.  I guess I did not know that I would be allowed to take photos and that I would have so much to take photos of.

Fortunately, the quilt guild was selling a disc with photos of many of the entered quilts, and so I bought it.

I spent this morning looking at all of the photos, from the disc and the ones that I took.  It was fun to recognize the quilts in the photos after seeing them in person yesterday.

The one that won “Best of Show” was machine embroidered, assembled and quilted by guild member Sandy Lawrence.

Sarah Vedeler is the designer of the Go! Be Dazzled embroidery designs used for this quilt, and apparently this was done as a block of the month.


I tried posting photos, but for some reason, they will not post this time.  😦


There was a series of identical quilts about 36″ square, and each quilter quilted it in a different way.  The theme of the challenge was

“The Quilting Makes The Quilt”

It was interesting to see what a difference the quilting does make.


In another challenge, each quilter was given the same combination of fabrics and challenged to design a quilt from it.  Again, it was amazing to see how creative and unique each finished quilt was.


There were SO many quilts that I absolutely loved, and I have tons of photos will provide tons of inspiration!

I am off to the sewing room.


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