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Pat Sloan Visited My Sewing Room!

She wasn’t actually physically in my sewing room, but she did visit my blog post showing photos of my sewing room. She is doing a series of blog posts on Sewing Room Organization and her most recent post was on thread storage.

She linked to a photo of my behind the door thread rack that I made several years ago.


It started out as one large rack, behind the door at one house. My Homemade Thread Rack

I spaced the shelves to fit the mini cones of embroidery thread and also the the taller cones of serger thread and cans of spray adhesive.


Shortly after getting re-married and moving into my husband’s house, I had to adapt the thread rack to the new room.   

I cut it into 2 smaller units that could sit on the back of the table top, behind the embroidery machine.  Some of the shelves were repositioned so that only the mini cones of embroidery thread would fit, that way I could get all of them oin it.


We moved, yet again, and now that I have a door to hang it/them behind again, I hung them as 2 seperate units, one above the other.



I also keep my smaller spools in drawers of a unit that I bought at Ikea.




  1. Hi June,
    Thanks for sharing more photos. Will update the Learning Center post to go here too. Love your thread storage ideas.
    Quilting Gallery


  1. Thread Storage, Wrap Up Studio Organization Series and Give-Aways / Quilting Gallery

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