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Pink Twisting with Purple Mini Quilt

This started out as just a sample to show a friend how the Little Twister tool worked. I used only 2 colors along with the black border.

When the top was assembled, I realized that the purple was just too close in color to the black to stand out.

Before I quilted it, I used a decorative stitch with purple thread in the pink twists and pink thread in the purple twists as well as the perimeter of the group of twists. Very fine clear polyester thread was used to add a bit of quilting in the seam lines in the black border.

After binding it with same purple as I used for the twists, I thought it needed just a bit more embellishment and added the white snowflake buttons.

I incorporated the fast finish triangles on the back side for hanging it.

I was thinking that this may be a future donation quilt for AAQI, but, the finished size is about 9.5″ x 9.5″ and the maximum width they can accept is 9″. Next time I will just trim it a little bit smaller all of the way around before adding the binding.

I will enjoy looking at this in my own sewing room. It will inspire me to do more of these fun little quilts.

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  1. This is a sweet little quilt. I love how the decorative stitches make it sparkle! And I just got finished posting on another blog how I never found much use for my decorative stitches! You’ve certainly inspired me and opened my eyes!

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