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I’ve Done My Part…

The Phoenix Quilt, Craft and Sewing Festival was this past week end and I certainly did my part to stimulate the economy while I was there!

I took a personal day off from work Thursday so that I could attend all three days, but I ran out of energy and money at the end of the second day so did not go back for the third and final day.

There were hundreds of vendors and several educational seminars throughout the day. I did make it around to the vendors on my must see list, but there were many more that I did not get to see. I attended several of the seminars, which in turn introduced me to “new to me” products that I just had to have.

I went with a budget and spent my limit, but not more. I waited until the second day to make my purchases so that I would have a shopping list to work from. Some purchases were pre-planned, some were a result of attending the seminars.


I have been interested in trying these paint stiks for quite a while, so was very happy to see that they were not only being sold there, but Laura Murray  was doing one of the seminars. I decided to get the beginners kit which included a set of 12 full size iridescent paint stiks, 6 rubbing plates, a stencil and a stencil brush and a DVD by Laura Murray describing how to use it all and then some.


My only fabric purchase was these batiks. They are half yard cuts that gradually change color from one end of the fabric to the other. The small section at the top of each piece shows the other color for that cut.


Another vendor that held a seminar is Pam Demour.

I purchased her newest book in digital format, which includes embroidery files by co-author Debbie Homer.

The zipper tape can be cut the desired length and includes 8 sliders. There were several colors, but I decided to play it safe and just try the black first.


A stop by Cindy Losekamp’s  booth reminded me that I really need some sparkly stuff.

She was also demonstrating a newish method of silk screening, but I had to pass on that new hobby, for now anyway.


The chalk in this pouncer erases with the heat of an iron, and I just thought this new stencil would be fun to try with the chalk.


I knew I was going to be picking up a pattern by Amy Bradley, but was torn on which one was my favorite.  I finally decided on this one, which is one of her new ones.   This will be perfect on the wall in my sewing room.


I was happily surprised to learn that the 007 bonding agent was being sold at the festival. I have been looking for it for the past couple of months. In addition to the 007, the purchase included a vinyl and leather repair product and an instructional DVD. When I asked if they also sold the foil that I was planning to use with the 007, I was told it was available “right around the corner”.

Once I went “around the corner”, they showed me other adhesives I could use with the foil.


Threads were definitely on my pre-planned purchase list. These decorative threads are from a company called Wonderfil.

I bought a variety pack which includes threads with fun names like Razzle, Dazzle, Sizzle, Tutti, Frutti and Konfetti, just to name a few.

I also picked up some extra spools of their metallic thread.


At the Sulky booth, I picked up a new book and I needed more KK2000. After seeing a vest Free motion quilted with Sulky’s clear polyester, I wanted to try it. I also picked up a new (to me) color of their new Blendable thread.


Well, I certainly have enough new products and projects to keep me busy for a while. Please check back to see if I make use of it all.


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