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My First AAQI Priority Quilt Sold!

I recently sent in a donation mini quilt to the Alzheimer’s Art Quilt Initiative.   It was just added to the list of quilts for sale yesterday and it already sold today for $55.


Since these “Priority”  mini quilts are only 9×12 inches or smaller, they are quick and easy to make.  Most are sold on the AAQI Quilts for Sale page, but they also have an online auction the first 10 days of each month, the funds raised help fund Alzheimer’s research.
  I definetly plan to make and donate more of these Priority mini quilts.


  1. Congratulations! It is a very worthy cause.

    • Thanks Paula. I am considering doing as you have done and join the $1000 promise. I commented about my quilt on Facebook today and may have a high school friend talked into making a Priority quilt in honor of her grandmother that had Alzheimer’s.

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