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Did you Check Out the Auction?

Wow! Have you seen the winning bids on the Alzheimer’s Art Quilt Initiative November Auction?

This month’s auction quilts were donated by celebrity quilters such as Hollis Chatelain, Ricky Tims and Alex Anderson. The auction ran for the first 10 days of November, and the winning bids were nowhere near the $150 that each quilt started at. In the end, the 12 quilts ended up raising $14,025 for Alzheimer’s research.

While you are there admiring the November Auction quilts, take a peek at the little quilts that are for sale. As I am looking around at them, I am inspired to make some little quilts myself that I could donate. What a great way to use up some of my fabric scraps, “test” embroidery stitch outs and all of the trims, edgings and embellishments that I have been collecting and make something beautiful out of them. It is also a great way to practice top stitching, free motion quilting, binding, etc. The great thing is that the beautiful finished project would benefit research for an ugly disease.



  1. I have made 2 AAQI Priority Quilts and raised $155. I have taken the pledge to raise $1000. The inspiration for the next one has come from something that I silk screened many years ago, and I think it (the silk screened piece) may have inspired a series. Love that Halloween t-shirt you made. BTW, I am the_quilter on flickr! and you just made me a contact.

  2. O and here is a link to the AAQI quilts I’ve made:

    • Paula, I have been looking through all of the Priority Quilts and remember seeing “The Tree of Life”. I am impressed with the money you have helped raise with just 2 quilts so far.
      I am getting ready to make my first to be donated, but will most likely wait til after the Holidays to register and send it in.
      I will watch your page to see how quickly you meet that $1000 pledge.
      Thanks for sharing!

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