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Valley of the Sun Shop Hop 2011 ~ A T-Shirt Makeover

I am not a quilter, although I have made a couple of very simple rag quilts and a couple of machine embroidered wall quilts. I love anything that involves fabric and a sewing machine. Just as much as that, I love being in a store that sells fabric, supplies, patterns, books, etc.

A few of my sewing buddies and I are spending the day tomorrow shop hopping for the Valley of the Sun Shop Hop. There are 12 local Phoenix area quilt shops participating. Registration was $5 and included a charm and a passport that is stamped as each store is visited. If all 12 shops stamp the passport, it is entered into a drawing for a Bernina 350 PE. There will also be winners of $100 gift certificates.

My friends and I decided it would be fun to make matching shirts to wear on our outing. We decided on the inexpensive craft shirts that you can get for about $3 each at Joann’s and Wal-Mart, we chose the lime green.

We embroidered “Quilt Shop Hopper” and a quilter’s heart/feather design in purple thread.

Because I used the wrong bobbin in my machine during my first attempt at the embroidery, I caused a thread nest which needed to be cut and caused a hole in the shirt.

After fixing my goof and re-hooping the shirt, I used a heart design that I digitized to cover the hole.

After the embroidery was done, I did some alterations to the shirt.

I started by folding over the neckline edge to make it more narrow and stitching it with a long wide zig-zag stitch.

I also folded up the sleeves with a double fold and used the same zig-zag to stitch the fold in place.

I re-shaped the shirt’s hem edge and used a strip of steam a seam to fold up the new hem before using the zig-zag again to stitch it in place.

(The spots are water spots from steaming the hem. I didn’t wait for them to dry before taking the photo.)

Now I am ready for the fun to begin!



  1. I love what you did to the shirt! I know you all will have so much fun. I went to the Atlanta Shop Hop in March with my Mom and sister and a couple of my sisters friends and we had a blast! It was set up the same way, with the passport and charms. The requirement was to make a $10 purchase and you’d get the charm free. I tried to buy something from every store, and if I didn’t then I bought the charm for $3. I love wearing my charm bracelet!

  2. Sara

    Really sweet tshirt:) I like the added touches!

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