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Getting My Thread Stash Organized

I have been in my current sewing room since about March of this year. I love my room, but after 2 recent moves, I am still “adjusting the fit” of it.

Last week end I picked up the other 2 Ikea drawer units that I have been wanting. They replaced the file cabinets that were the base for my serger and sewing machine table.

Now that I have these additional drawers near my work space, I can arrange things so they are closer to where I use them.

-My serger thread is now in a drawer under the serger.

-The sewing thread is in a drawer under the sewing machine.

-I have 3 drawers with embroidery thread under my embroidery machine.

How convenient!


I used to keep the smaller spools of embroidery threads and the sewing thread in lidded plastic drawers in a plastic rolling cart.

The problem with this was that I had to pull each drawer out, open the lid, and see if what I wanted was in that drawer. The new drawers make selecting thread colors much easier.

I do still have the wall storage behind the door for the larger spools of embroidery thread and other miscellaneous threads.


The only problem I could see with the new drawers was how to keep the thread standing and organized. I had a box that was a good size for cutting strips to put into the drawers as organizers.

I started with a piece of cardboard from a box, a box cutter and my 6×24″ cutting ruler.


Strips cut 1.5″ wide for the embroidery thread drawers.


The strips keep the rows from blending into each other and help to prevent the spools from tipping over.


I also cut strips 3.5″ for the serger thread drawer.


I re-used the strips from the lidded drawers for the sewing thread drawer.


I am also organizing my pattern stash and my embroidery designs.

Having things organized and convenient makes it SO MUCH more fun to spend time in the sewing room!


  1. Loving (drooling over) your organization and workspace!!

  2. I am very jealous of how organised you are!!

  3. So so pretty. I love your resourcefulness in using the cardboard for dividers. Great idea!

  4. What a wonderful way to organize your thread! I also have a large collection and I’m still trying to find a way to organize it so it works for me. Glad you found a way that works for you!

    • Heather, I am learning new ways to store thread on Karen’s blog today ( I plan to use at least one of them soon!
      Thanks for commenting!

  5. Love your strip idea. So smart and so inexpensive!

  6. Thank you for the wonderful idea of the separaters between the thread cones. Right after I read your blog and idea I went to my sewing room and did this to my drawer full of Isacord. It’s so neat looking! Thank you!

  7. Nice & Neat & Tidy!

  8. Amazing. I think you have more thread than WalMart and JoAnn’s put together.

  9. Love all the wonderful thread and thread storage you have and what a great idea to use the cardboard to separate them! Great room!

  10. June,
    I love your thread storage ideas, especially the strips of cardboard for customizing you space. Thanks for sharing your photos.

  11. Betty Mc Gaughey

    I have basket drawers from the Container store that I wanted to use for my thread. I bought pegboard and dowels that fit inside the holes. I cut the dowels a length to accomodate my larger spools (and 2 of the smaller ones). The pegboard sits inside the one-runner drawer with the spools on the dowel pegs. For the serger size spools I bought an expandable sock holder type outfit from the Container store. The large spools just fit in the space meant for socks. The large spools fit inside a two-runner drawer. So far it is working well, except I have filled four of the one-runner baskets and may have to get another pegboard and dowels! 🙂


  1. Storage Solution Roundup: Thread it up!

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