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September 2011 FNSI ~ What I Worked On

I spent a little bit of time just finishing up a couple of ongoing projects, then it was time to do something just for FNSI.

I started with an oversized white t-shirt, the ones that you can pick up in the craft department of Joann’s or Wal-Mart for just about $3 each, and embroidered a design onto the front.

 I really need to perfect my stabilization abilities for this type of project, but I am getting there. I intend to also do a fit make over on this shirt. I have tried it on a couple of shirts already, but have not been happy with the end result. I will try a different approach on this one and will make a blog post on the finished result.

The embroidery design I used is Dahlia Trio from Embroidery Library.


The second project I did was to do a sample stitch out of a design that I digitized.

I am thinking of embroidering this design onto a scrub top I will be making soon. I hated to just throw out the sample, so decided to make it into a mini mug rug for my desk.

I was able to use the stitch out and practice free motion quilting (with the help of a small glass of wine).

I didn’t want the binding to be bulky, so stitched just a single layer, cut 1 inch wide, to the front and then turned under the raw edge on the back. I really should have cut the binding strip wider so that I would have more raw edge to turn under on the back.

The back side of the binding is a bit wonky, but this was a practicing my skills project. I think it turned out cute.

Thanks to Heidi and Bobbi for hosting Friday Night Sew In each month. It is truly a motivator to spend some time in the sewing room.


  1. I’m trying to make my way around to everyone to see what they accomplished for FNSI! Looks like you had a very productive one! Your embroidery is just beautiful!. Your FMQ looks great too. I haven’t tried free motion quilting yet and want to try/learn. I didn’t think about trying it on a mug rug first until now. Thanks for the idea! 🙂

    • Gina, Thanks for looking and leaving a reply. I, too, am making my way through the list of participants for FNSI. I find lots of inspiration there. In fact, that is where I got the idea of doing free motion quilting on a mug rug. I am still a beginner, but have found that “machingers” (gloves with rubber finger tips) and a small glass of wine really help.
      Your raffle quilt looks great!

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