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Valances for the Family Room and Kitchen

My husband and I purchased a foreclosure home and moved into it earlier this year. It is in very good structural condition, it just needs cosmetic work. Before moving in, I installed white 2″ faux wood grain blinds on the windows throughout most of the house. They are great for privacy and to keep the hot Arizona sun out, but are they are very bland too look at.

 The family room, kitchen and eating area are basically just one large room, so I wanted the window coverings in these areas to match.

The first thing I did was to determine the style and length of the valances I was going to make. I decided that I wanted an 18″ total length and I thought I wanted them to be scalloped. Using tissue paper, I made a mock up to see what this would look like.

I decided the scalloped hem would be too much work, so I settled on a simple gathered rod-pocket valance.


 Next, I needed to decide on what fabric I would use.

I spent plenty of time at Joann’s , looking at every fabric in the store and gave in to a print that I liked, but wasn’t sure of the color.

Using my 50% off coupon, I bought 3 yards, enough to audition it, for $16.49 before tax. (Regular price was $10.99 per yard).

Here it is just draped over one of the curtain rods to see if I even wanted to use this fabric.

The brown is a little darker that I would like, but overall, I really like it so this is the fabric/print that I will be using.


I cut the 3 yard “sample” piece into four 24″ lengths, which would be enough to make 2 of the 7 (18″) valances I need.

So, back to Joann’s the next day to buy the rest of what I need. I got a full bolt, 8 yards, enough for the 10 remaining 24″ cuts.

Another 50% off coupon brought the total for this purchase to $43.96 (before tax).


Even though I have a pretty nice sewing room, I just had to use the kitchen island as my cutting table.


The island worked so well as a cutting table, I also used it to mark and press the rod pockets and hems.

The ironing board just wasn’t up to the job.


It only took one week end and less than $70 to make all seven valances. Wal-mart had sheers for only $4.99 each, but only had enough for the 4 corner windows in the family room. I think that they just soften the look a bit more than just the valances alone.


I do plan to also put sheers on the bigger window by the table and chairs, but not above the kitchen sink.


The 7th valance is the one on the door that goes out to the patio, but I couldn’t get a decent photo of that one.

My next big plan for these rooms is to paint the rest of the walls the same color as the wall behind the entertainment center.


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